Friday, October 5, 2012

Western Lunch Delight

I was bored to eat out one day, so I got myself to the supermarket and purchase ingredients for a western lunch.

The ingredients
Four potatoes
Cooking oil
Nestle full cream milk
Kentucky all purpose flour
Ayamas Frankfurters
Two table spoons of butter
Four pieces of cut chicken
Meaty's Streaky Bacon
Some salt
3 Egg(minus the yolks)
Some pepper to taste

Peeled the skin of the potatoes

 Cooked it in a pot. To know if the potatoes are cook, get a fork and pierce it through each of the potatoes. If it goes through all the way, it is cooked.

While waiting for the potatoes to get cooked. get the eggs and separate the egg white from the yolk. Do not throw the yolks as it can be used later.

To coat the chicken pieces, dip the chicken first into the egg white, then coat them with the Kentucky all purpose flour.

See, its fully coated.

Make sure the oil is super hot before the chicken pieces is fried.


It suppose to be like that when it is cooked. The bigger the chicken pieces are the longer it should be fried. Just follow your instinct when you cook stuff.

For the mash potatoes, you need a pinch of salt to taste, some butter and full cream milk.

While it is still hot, used a masher and mash the potatoes till you get a smooth consistency.

 Add in some butter, then some full cream milk, salt to taste and also some pepper.

 It should look like this, smooth and velvety.

Get your favourite streaky bacon 

 some sausage

and also the yolks that were not use for the frying of the chickens.
Get a pan and fry them all up.

Assemble the chickens, sausages, fried egg yolks and bacon into a plate, while the mash potatoes in a bowl. Enjoy.

P.S. If you notice I don't not have a specific time order to cook all the stuff mentioned here. It's all about following your instinct or gut intuition. All the best and hope you enjoy the recipe.

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