Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year that was in Youtube 2012

In no particular order over the course of 12 months

Best animal/pet video

Accident video

Best stunt/aeriel video

Best record breaking video

Best prank/improvisation videos

Best sport video.

Best reaction from a gift video

Best/Worst stunt gone wrong/good video


Ellen Whyte said...

Goodness, some of those are weird! Love the hedgehog who wasn't afraid of that cat and that accident video was just weird!

Happy New Year! Meows and Purrs from Au, Target, Guido and Ellen aka De Survunt.

Happy walker said...

don't really know heddog can be so big~

sully86 said...

katz tales: Happy New Year to you too.

Mr Lonely: Yeah I wonder how the hedgehog got so big too.

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