Friday, July 26, 2013

Hair or no hair

I was at the mall two days ago during the afternoon, when a man approached me with a brochure. He look kind enough, but was pretty insisting at the very minute he saw me trying hard to shovel me with any chance he can get to promote the product.

" Hello boss, would you like to try out free hair care consultation. It wouldn't take long one", he uttered.

"No thanks, there is not need for that, I will consider it first", I said.

 The salesperson got uncomfortably closer while trying to get my attention.

I stood my ground and while the man shoot at me a very disgruntled look at me (and probably cursing at me) for not giving him any chance and my time at all

I told him with a smile, "I will keep the brochure and will consider it and will come back if I need your services".

Thank goodness my hundreds of ringgit is still intact. On another note, I want to claim the words of Aging Gracefully as honest as possible. So if I go on in life without hair on my head so be it. Can't think of anything more trivial than to worry about hair lost and spend hundreds of ringgit on regaining your hair but neglecting on trying your best to be  an honest and non hypocritical living human being that has more beautiful qualities like empathy , loving and caring towards other human being on earth. Trying to hard on this end will make you seem superficial when in fact you are not.

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