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the no benefit being fat fiasco

 by author Tee Lin Say (as pictured above)

BEING fat is never ever a good thing in face reading.

I know we place loads of emphasis on a meaty and chubby face for wealth and prosperity and, yes, those attributes are an absolute must when we evaluate a face for an overall good life.

However, blobs of fat in other parts of the body are always bad news.

If we are in a situation where we have to play “Spot the neck” or “Guess Who’s Preggers”, then Houston, yes we have a problem. May day! May Day! The elephant is in the house.

Let’s just use a very simple analogy. In the animal kingdom, think of all the animals at the top of the food chain. The lion, the panther, the cheetah, the tiger, and the list goes on.
What do they all have in common? Apart from being a very menacing lot, they are all slim and lithe. This is very unlike a pig, cow or panda, which cannot at all compare in terms of lethal qualities. Even in the ocean, the much smaller shark that lacks in size can sometimes harm whales.

You see, when one is too whale like, one simply cannot function properly. In the physical sense, how can one defend oneself? How can one be the most supreme especially in the competitive corporate world.
I would personally never bet on a person who is bordering on obesity. I know lots of people say that successful entrepreneurs and tycoons are fat.
That’s not true. They are definitely not thin and are perhaps on the meatier and more rotund side. There is thickness in the waistline, which is good for wealth. You don’t see tycoons with waspish waistlines.
The waspish waistlines belong to the salary driven person. The accountant who earns a high salary and leads a comfortable life, but will never be phenomenally rich.

So yes, tycoons aren’t exactly thin, but they are definitely not fat. They have fuller and more substantial figures. Not surprising too because they frequently wine and dine in the best places, but there is a control to how much they indulge.

Now isn’t control, the reason for their success? Obese people do not control.
Being fat is simply a sign of a person who lacks discipline. He indulges way too much.

Do you see any gargantuan rulers? Even if there are, their rule does not last long. When one is carrying so much weight about, they are literally burdened with deadweight. And as we all know, deadweight is weight which does not produce benefits. It simply drags a person down.

Sure, muscles are heavy too, but they give a person more power and make a person more attractive.
A jelly belly simply makes a person look more aesthetically displeasing and brings him a step closer to his grave.

Imagine yourself having to lug around an extra 50kg, whether it is while you are trying to close a deal, give a presentation or do an intense workout.

Roly polies just aren’t as agile or nimble as their leaner competitors. Their brains also cannot move as fast when their hearts are working extra hard to pump oxygen through their clogged arteries.

In society, unfortunately, obese people have a lower social standing. As much as I hate to say this, it is especially true for women.

So gals, if you’re bordering or even edging towards elephantine proportions, I would urgently suggest going for a run. Your best investment for the moment is a treadmill.
Forget going to the salon or for a facial. He won’t notice how the blonde highlights frame your pudgy and dewy smooth face.

His first few thoughts shall be: 600 pound baby elephant on the radar. Run.

In other words, he sees a fat girl who is not presentable, and one who does not take care of herself.
There are three types of fat which are of the absolute worst in terms of one’s face fortune.

It is always bad news when one has no neck. You know, when a person is so fat, that he his head looks as if it is directly connected to his body.I know many people will say that they this rich person, or that CEO who has this feature and is very successfully.Yes, perhaps for a fleeting while, but it will not last. The tide of lard will eventually come to sabotage the initial success.

This is your absolute worst kind of fat category to be in. This is a cardiac arrest waiting to happen.
There is no need to read one’s face when one already has such a body. First of all, this person will most likely be in denial of his situation.They aren’t exactly honest either. They tend to lie, and in many instance it is to make themselves look better in the public eye.

Not to be discriminatory, but this level of fat people are also lazier than usual. They aren’t doers. They are great talkers though. This is to mask the denial of their situation, and the great insecurity they have about their looks. They talk about anything else, to deflect attention from all that excessive weight.
This is nothing but a ticking time bomb. Not cool.

Everyone knows the Michelin Man. Comical in nature surely with that awful pear shaped body.
Now, this body formation is more negative for men than for women. Men with such body shapes typically face problems during their middle years. The late forties to the fifties.
Now just using plain common sense, fat in the stomach and waist are the absolute worst kind of fat to have.
It is known as visceral fat, and too much of this fat gives a person a way higher chance of heart diseases, diabetes and even infertility.

Unfortunately, this is a feature seen quite often in skinny men who don’t workout.
The effects start to become obvious mid thirties onwards. Quite a turn off isn’t it. The guy is thin, but he’s got a paunch which protrudes pretty obviously.

The worst is when the guy has a small waistline, but has a tummy. In Mian Xiang, this kind of people are normally said to be poor, middle ages onwards. Unfortunate waistlines are never associated with wealth.
The waist is an important indicator in seeing how well a person does. A small waist is never a good look. As I said earlier, we like a waist with a certain amount of thickness, as it shows wealth.

Hence, keep that waistline trim. It’s a huge indicator of how financially well a person does.


Original article: http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Community/2013/07/20/No-benefit-in-being-fat-Weight-gain-simply-drags-a-person-down-no-matter-what-Wheres-your-neck-Tummy.aspx

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