Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Book Review:Devices and Desires

When Commander Adam Dalgliesh visit Larsoken, a remote headland community on the Norfolk coast in the shadow of a nuclear power station, he expects to be engaged only in the sad business of tying up his aunt's estate. But the peace of Larsoken is illusory. A serial killer known as the Whistler is terrorizing the neighbourhood and Dalgliesh is drawn into the lives of the headlanders when it soon becomes apparent that the Whistler isn't the only murderer at work under the sinister shadow of the power station.

Reading and going further into the book is like peeling off the layers personal human experiences. The deeper you go, the more you will  will discover about the people that are in the book. Furthermore, what is enjoyble for me is that the author writes about characters that have tragedies in their lives and incorporates them into the main plots and subplots and to the suspense and mysteries. Cohesiveness is important when writing a novel and glad to say this author did well in keeping the story tight and plausible from page to page. The book also keeps trudging along without the feeling of being a drag to read.

Overall, is a good quality and well written crime novel. a recommendable read.

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