Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The one they called Mee Bodoh

This place got rave reviews for it's simple noodle dish called, "Mee Bodoh". Don't ask me why it is called mee bodoh, I just have no idea. You see there is this one Malay shop somewhere along the road heading to Klebang Beach and back to Melaka Town. This place was recommended by my sister's colleague at work, and I tell you being my first time there, I got a shock of my life. Why??:

[This particular queue was at somewhat around 10am plus in the morning.Amazing.]

[The crowd. Cina ada, Indian ada dan Melayu pun ada]

Okay, was out of the world wasn't the fried noodles but it's was because of the awesome sambal
they provided with of course, a fried egg. The level of spiciness was just nice and it really goes well with the noodles(The noodles are just your ordinary fried noodles) . It was so good I had two plates lah!!.

Anyone care to join me for a plate of noodles they called "bodoh"?


mee bodoh eater said...

was it known as 'mee bodoh'?

i've nvr heard of that also.

ppl called that place the hassan's.

sully86 said...

mee bodoh eater: Really, well i know it by that name

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