Sunday, December 28, 2008

in the deep nature of girls

I  just came  back from shopping with the girls just now and after getting the clothes they need for whatever reasons it is, one of them ask me this???:

Xionbloop: Why yeah it's the girls who have the urged to shopped but not the guys?

Well my responds was this: Well I think it's  in the very deep inner nature of  girls to need to shop or have the urge to shop because they need to look pretty??

Maybe lah kan??You tell me??


Finyx said...

hm, maybe GUYS don't even bother to dress properly or maybe they think they can reuse their baju till like one shirt per week without washing.. ish XO

for girls, well, we have good looks that God give us.. so must make full use of it.. :)

sully86 said...

yes, but we were built inside of us to provide not to make ourself beautiful . that is why We don't have the strong urge like girls do to beautify ourselves

Anonymous said...

well we try to shop,and some guys do..problem is when we shop the stuff we want to look good in and girls to notice us and says we dont look noticebal by the girls prefer girls shop for they get the thrill of it how we want to look for guys like shop online thats why too.we lets the fingers do the talking instead the legs

sully86 said...

well anonymous, I wasn't shopping for a single thing just now. This particular question pops out on the way to our car to go home. What I am talking bout here is regardless if the guys where shopping along or not. Why girls have the tendency more to shop even though they do not need it. Why anonymous ???why ??

reenz said...

why girls like to shop? the very reason why guys like football? unexplainable.
just the differences between the two genders?

i think venus super dam alot of shopping malls..hahaand mars has lots of football fields and footballs..

sully86 said...

okay very out of the box analogy. I feel there is some truth to that.

Anonymous said...

by the way ed just put annoynamous..haha.yup..guys just cant get enought of their balls..thats why we dont run far from the field.girls?well lets say looking good is not an option for them but a must..;)

sully86 said...

hahaahah well guess its inbuilt in us guys to like football( not me) and girls to shop till they dropped

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