Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A place that I will always cherish

Where unity is forged even with other different Christian denominations 

Where friendships are made and where it met

Where God living word lives.

But yeah even though it's sad to leave all the good things behind , but I guess God has really a plan and a purpose for us, for He had  open the  doors for us to have Cf registered as an official religious society with the Chinese and the Catholic CF as well . With that I personally feel that is is time to press on with what is install for us in the future that God has plan for us in the campus. 

Thank you God for you are faithful. 
Thank You God for providing us our needs. 
Thank You God for anwering our prayers. 
and lastly thank You for opening doors so wide and giving us  so many opportunities  to serve You in so many ways in the Cf

Exciting year 2009 ahead for our MMUCS 

Matthew 19: 26 With man this is impossibble, but with God all things are possibble 


auseniale said...

Awesome post!

I'm so gonna miss YAC =(

And I miss the cf-ers! I cant wiat to come back from trainning!

AaRoN lEE said...

me too missing yac... awWWaW

i wana go bec!!!

sully86 said...

elaine: I am going to miss that place. Come back soon yah!!

aaron: Yo Mr Pilot. You wanna become a pilot mah. what to do !

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