Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The year that was 2008

In chronological order starting from:
(Brother's sister's appreciation day-19th January 2008)


Sunburst Music Festival 
15th March 2008

26 awesome music acts to fill your music tastebuds 

parliement funkadelic rocking down the house with their superb showmanship. Below: John Legend doing his thing with his repertoire of music.


Kuantan YA connect
( 15th April 2008)
 The worship team that lead  the worship for one of the youth events at Christian Praise Centre, a church at Kuantan.


Interfaith talk forum 15 
2nd July 2008 
CFMMU CyberJaya Trip
(5th July )
Bon Odori 
(12th July )  
Matsushita Stadium
40 days prayer and fast
@Calvary Life Assembly Church 
25th July 


Passion Kuala Lumpur 
3rd August 2008 
Sunway convention centre .

Penang Trip
5 til 8th August 2008 

This was my third time on this island trip and Penang still rock socks to the max.
This time my travel partners were Mr Ong Kee Weng and Mr Edmund Cheong. Crazy bunch of people to go around Penang with.Ohhh yeah forgot the gay ipanema moment. LoL  

Andrew's awesome birthday "bash"
12th August 2008 


Lang Tengah gateaway
5 til 6th September 2008 

The bunch of people I get to meet on this trip was totally awesome. It was my first time snorkelling too.(which I need to work on lah)


Another Christmas Thingy: The Given Gift 
9th December 2008

One thing to describe the experience . Awesome!! and Worth it!!

Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol at KLPac 
13th December 2008

My first ever trip to KL performing arts centre and the show was awesome. Come guys!!! Let's support the local theather scene !!

30th December 2008 marks the day when we bid our farewell to our beloved YAC . Will always hold dear the sweet memories that I had at the place.

Year 2008 was indeed a bittersweet year for me. May the year 2009 be a year of more opportunities and peace. 

adios 2008!!!! 

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