Monday, March 23, 2009

licence to cook

I love food. I love to see how food is done and how ingredients are mix together to make a great culinary experience. All this can be done by imaginative and creatives chefs. My favourites are:

Jamie Oliver- I love him for his straightforward dishes which are easy to look at and also deliciously healthy to be eaten. Love especially his shows where he uses fresh vegetables produce from the garden.*Drools*

Rob Rainford- His licence to grill show is to die for. Literally can die seeing his mouthwatering grilled recipes on the show. Marvelous!!!

Rachel Ray-She makes catchphrase such as yummo and the abbreviations EVOO(Extra virgin olive oil) popular.  What I like about her also is her spunkyness on her shows and her easy to cook meals with simple ingredients

Nigella Dawson- Doesn't hold back at all when it comes to her ingredients used in her cooking. Always sinful, always delightful.

Who is your favourite celebrity chef and why?


Mme Tshiamo said...


they are.. wow.. they can cook and talk at the same time and like.. SUPER AWESOME!

i couldn't agree more with you about Rachel Ray.. she loves to talk and talk and that what made the whole show intersting!

Anonymous said...

yeah, this kind of shows cant watch during late night. Sure go hungry one

aLeX said...

Gordon Ramsay! :)

Anonymous said...

ahhahaha really, but i dont see him doing a show and cook at the same time. All he does is swears at people like there is no tomorrow.

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