Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the google chrome experience

I've tried google chrome for quite some time already, and I am very impressed with the web browser. I decided to update to the beta version and these are a few things that I find google chrome a good browser among the rest.*click on picture for a bigger resolution*

First off all you get a simple yet easy to used features. You can also change the skin of the web browser to the color and style of your choice

Other then that you can pin a certain, website permanently on your web browser and you do not need to have the hassle of typing out your most frequently used and visited website ever again. This is really saving time.
other then that the recent activities feature also acts as one the pin does in a way. Saving your sites that you have visited, so in any case you forget the link or anything you can check the history of your recent activities and get back to the website again.


Fabian Chan said...

u might wana try safari for windows, Sully...its like a blend of Firefox and Chrome

sully86 said...

really but I am sure that I am going to stick with this.more my thing

keetz said...

safari uses tons of resources, especially if you pc is an old one..

wah crazy

sully86 said...

Fabian: Yah my pc is not old but I love chrome the moment I tried it. So not going to change.
keetz: indeed, with a capability like that sure it takes a lot of space.crazy man

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