Sunday, August 16, 2009

the wrong call

someone: Hello *starts speaking gibberish+ some other language that I don't understand at all.
me: Hello.
someone: continue to mumble and speaking in a language so foreign to me.
me: Hello, who is this speaking
someone: *gibberish**mumbles** faint voice*(voice getting muffled and softer by the minute).
me:Hello may I know who are you ( my voice was slightly raised up because I want to know who is that).
me: Hello may I know who is on the line please.
someone:*continues speaking* a short reply was heard but still in a language that I didn't know and he decided not to apologize and just ended up hanging the phone.

isn't that annoying? no courtesy at all to apologize and please get you phone number right please and introduce your name first when the phone gets thorough.

why oh why do I always get this kinds of calls.*sigh*

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