Thursday, December 17, 2009

insect art

Flies on a race

Sunbathing flies

Fly on a stallion

Acrobatic stunt gone wrong

Flies of the opposite sex waiting for their turn to use the loo

pyramid forming flies

a pair of acrobatic flies

mummy and child

and lastly tall vs. short flies

Okay, thought I want to share you this bizarre e-mail my friend send to me. I don't know what language in on the last pyramid forming flies pictures, but I do hope someone can interpret it for me.

two question that pops into my mind:
1)How did the fella find the time to get all the flies for this artistic masterpieces.
2)where did he get his inspiration from?


Anonymous said...

one fly in the pyramid says (in swedish) "hey I must sneeze"

sully86 said...

I always wondered what it says..hhhahahaha

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