Thursday, December 10, 2009

the first

No I am not taking such things as an offence, but something really struck me at it is still causing me to ponder.

When people look at me questions or assumptions pops up like(first meeting and impressions)
question 1)
Owhhh you are from Sabah ?

Hrmmm this happens occasionally where people that are new to me, greet me. They assume and think that I am from Sabah. No people..... I am from Kuching and that is located at sarawak.

Please refer to question 1)
They assume that because they say that Sabahan has a very accented English unlike their counterparts in Semenanjung Malaysia.

Hrmmm I say this is nonsense because everything can speak eloquent or "good' English if they practice and use English often in their daily conversations

Question 2)
Do people in Sarawak still live on trees and hunt heads?

Absolutely not. Even the village from my dad's side in all cemented, painted and with zinc roofing( In any case a proper
house lah) and most of them have cars now and some have extra amenities like astro, washing machine etc. headhunters are long gone I am very sure of that.

When I tell people here in Semenanjung Malaysia that the journey from Kuching to Miri take about the same time as a bus journey from Malacca to Penang, they gasp in disbelief. I would say the map drawer did a very poor job in depicting the real size of Sarawak. *sigh*

Why it's no common in Semanjung as for kids to be name with a first and middle name. My name seems to be a topic of interested when people meet me for the first time

All right this is what I get usually when people first meet me.

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