Saturday, December 12, 2009

the year that was in movie 2009

Best science-fiction film of 2009
Star Trek
Okay there is everything I like about a very very good movie. First is a good storyline, good special effects and a good cast that gels well. This movie fit all the criteria mentioned. To be honest with you I went out of the cinema feeling extremely satisfy at the outcome of the movie. Honest.

District 9
Okay what is not to like about a creative and fresh plot and storyline. District is on this list of best science-fiction film because of this. All you usually get is a story about alien conquering planets and so forth but District 9's storyline is completely fresh and different in my point of view( it's a human becaming alien and becoming a refugee because of that). I love how the lead in this movie plays his character so well eventhough he is an emerging actor from south Africa. These reason are enough for me to list this film as the best science-fiction film of 2009

Best comedy film of 2009
The Hangover
A bunch of guys going to the Vegas strip to celebrate their friends last time as a bachelor. They
got drunk the next day and the groom went missing. There is where the hillarious miss adventure starts for all of them.

Best animated feature movie of 2009
Simple storyline that underlines the essents of life, which is never give up to chase your dreams no matter how old you are. Another great one from Disney Pixar.

I don't quite fancy the story. It doesn't really pack a punch. What I do like about this animated feature film is that of it's rich in detail (e.g. colors, texture), making it a feast for the eyes.

Best horror film of 2009
Drag me to hell
Sam Raime the director of the Spiderman franchise is back again and this time the horror genre.
Why this movie got pick by me as best horror movie is because of two things. It has quite a good balance of comedy and horror put together. Watch out for the dancing posses man.

Best film adaption from a book of 2009
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

A movie that is supposed to be slated for released last year, but it reportedly got pushed to this year because of the Twiglight movie.I love the cinematography and I love the sets in the movie. It's even more darker and sinister than the previous Potter movies. Not to much comment on the plot or the storyline because as usual , the book is way better
Best action adventure movie of 2009

Night in the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian
A nice summer popcorn movie. I love how this movie gets crazier and crazier than the previous movie. Two thumbs up.

Best action movie of 2009
X-men origins: Wolverine

Oh so that is how wolverine got his set of claws.

Best drama movie of 2009

Julie and Julia

Oh my goodness, I feel so hungry after watching this movie. *Drools*

Best movies of the year which are quite not there yet of 2009
Transformer 2: Revenge of the fallen

I felt so dumb watching this movie. I know a lot of people say that it's a great movie, but I love my movie with a sensible storyline to boot. This one doesn't. All this movie has ,is cleavage running Megan Fox and half bake jokes that aren't funny. The plot of the movie is so stupid. Excessive explosions too. I've got cheated. It's ok, at least the special effects are "awesome!!".

If I am the director of this movie, I would make do with the whole earth in shambles. Not even a single soul would survive the calamity. Yes, you heard me right, not even one person should live.
Worst movies of the year

I gotten speechless after watching all this movies. Thank goodness for downloads.

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