Friday, December 25, 2009

movie review: Avatar

I know nuts about this project from James Cameron. Little was shown and little was known about this movie. I was really skeptical when the trailer came out. I am really afraid because it was another alien movie. Man, was I wrong about that.

My recommendation would be watching this movie in 3D. It would blow your mine away trust me. So what capture my attention was the realism of the technology use in the movie. Once the movie starts you will never let go of every detail that is the movie. Everything was taken in consideration, from the texture, the movement and to the color of every living thing shown in the movie. I was so tempted to reach my hand out to touch the wildlife portrayed in the movie. I really am.

I love the storyline, it was nothing spectacular, but solid nevertheless. It didn't get to be to overbearing and one must remember, this is a 2 hours and 45 minutes movie. The storyline was simple yet understandable, compact, compelling, powerful and yet beautifully merge with the special effects in the movie.

the good:
watched this is 3D

the bad:
a sore/painful butt or hip from the long hours of sitting in the cinema

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