Sunday, October 31, 2010

the credit card crunch?

I was checking out the cashier counter at Jusco, when I saw something stupid in my opinion. A lady sticking out her credit card just to pay for a bunch of shorts. Perpetual stupidy I say.


hikari49 said...

People use credit cards to buy movie tickets as well. Sometimes RM7 only. They have the card.. /shrugs

sully86 said...

and after that have a heavy amount of debts because of this. But I am mostly referring to those that don't keep track of their credit card expenses use cry over spilled milk.

Stephen G said...

I use my PayPal MasterCard debit card whenever I can, as i get 1.5% cash back. That's DEBIT card, meaning that's my money, not on credit. My friend uses her Airline-affiliated credit card whenever she can when making a purchase -- she earn miles. Though hers is a true credit card, the balance is paid off in full each month.

The sad part is that EVERYONE pays a higher price at the store to subsidize the merchant fees for accepting credit and debit cards.

sully86 said...

stephen g: I understand the debit card part. It is the credit card to pay small little things that puzzles me most of the time

Au and Target said...

Paying with a CC gives you points, which you can turn into fee credits and costs you nothing (assuming you pay everything off on time every month!). Also, paying with a CC means you have evidence of purchase which is useful for shops who give receipts that fade into nothing a week later.

sully86 said...

au and target:assuming you pay everything off on time every month(hope so)

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