Friday, October 1, 2010

Malaysian Tennis Open 2010:getting there.

thanks litefm

I will be heading to KL in about 9 hours time. Be back with updates on this tournament as soon as I get back. So yeah no new blog entries till then.


Ellen Whyte said...

One of my friends went last year. he said there were so few people there, that he paid for the cheapest ticket and then got to sit in the VIP seats. Why do we pay for this when it's not popular???

sully86 said...

Au and target: well I have no idea the general amount of people playing tennis in Malaysia, but all I know if you are passionate about something and played it also you will surely strive to see or even experience it right, but for your info, I won two tickets for free worth RM920 from litefm, so it is free for me. =) anyways do you play any sports? Just wondering?

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