Thursday, October 28, 2010

one week visitation

*May contain graphic images. Adult supervision advice.*
Last Monday, I woke up with high fever before going to class.
It was to the general hospital for treatment
I had rashes prior to the high fever

Intravenous drip. 
up close.

So I went back as asked by the doctor. The fever didn't subside so I went back to the hospital and I decided to stay in the ward and on Tuesday morning I was admitted to the dengue ward.
the bloody hospital bed. The doctor seem to be having a hard time drawing out blood from my arm.
the best and some say the only way to treat dengue is to consume lots of fluid.

fellow patients
medication for the rashes
of charts and descriptions
the bed for 8 days.

I never get sick easily and to be that long in the  hospital was really a new experience for me. At some days I was really feeling restless and helpless.

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Mme Tshiamo said...

Take care lorrrrr

sully86 said...

fiona: thank you for your concern. I am fine now

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