Monday, August 1, 2011

random recipe: Sardine with pickled ginger on bread


  1. 1 can of sardine
  2. Pickled ginger
  3. A loaf of bread of your choice

First open the can of sardine
Mash the sardine into a pulp.

Put it in a container and let for in to chilled in the fridge overnight(this is step is optional and can be skipped) 

Assemble the bread together with the sardine and add some slices of pickled ginger for added texture and taste.

Ready to be nom-ed ??? LOL


AINI CHE DIN said...

wowww.....easy and it look so yummyyy..i should try it for sahoor...hehehe

sully86 said...

aini: yes and its easy on the budget and not so heavy that you will too full throughout the day....

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