Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the weekend secret mission

30th July 2011

A friend decided to invite me to a secret mission at town.
There was a cooking demonstration of some sort. Upon further inspection it was a mooncake making competition. (No this was not part of the secret mission)

prep and ingredients are important

Busy as a bee

Don't you think that the eyes are quite creepy? 

this is what you get on a weekend ( this was not the secret mission either)

So ladies and gentlemen, this was the secret mission for that day....a cup of starbuck coffee, courtesy of Mr Thom( for the coupon) and Li Khai for the company and Kelvin as the ever important driver.

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Punk Chopsticks said...

LOL I remember the cupon!!!!! xDDD yeah I dragged my friend all the way to the nearest mall to get starbucks. Darck mocha...mmm mmm xD

p/s, i replied to your comment dah

sully86 said...

punk chopsticks: wow!! terharu saya. Like seriously terharu.Anyways, it is nice to have starbucks Thanks for dropping by

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