Monday, August 15, 2011

typical stereotypes

in movies:
In an American production
- african americans are always potrayed as thugs and low class. Always second fiddle to the here or heroine.
-asians are always the computer genius that are really good at hacking etc.
-a character of latin decent is always portray as the maid and the immigrant.
-blondes are always dumb and stupid

in a Malaysia mada production.-
-in a Malaysia made TV production, the female characters are always boyfriend snatchers, .datins with an appetite to steal the family heirloom which includes properties and money from a company. The female character is always acting in an over the top mannerism.

in a South America Production.
-the hero or heroine is always back with a vengeance, even after he or she is killed. How do they came back from life? Well, there is always a dopplebanger or a long lost twin.
--the blonde busty female is always the boyfriend or husband snatcher.

know any stereotypes on television or films, that you know of?

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