Saturday, August 27, 2011

the old ones do it too

Aiyoh!!! Funny thing is how to respect the older folks when they always do something bad.

Things I observe and I myself should take note not to do:

  • Two well aged aunties perhaps in their forties or fifties try to get into the front of a queue to check in the luggage at an airport.
  • they don't queue up at the hospital
  • they don't queue up at he buffet table. Not only that, they decided to raid the buffet table and left no food for other diners.
  • decided to cut the queue at the wash area of a restaurant. Sorry, looks petty, but its a big deal for me...
Bad example/role models for the kids. *sigh* How are supposed to respect the old folks huh?


AINI CHE DIN said...

indeed true

sully86 said...

aini che din: yes and its bad example for the kids....

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