Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Feed me mommy!!! Feed me

*observation mode*
Was slurping away my bowl of curry laksa a.k.a rice vermicelli in a bowl of curry broth. I was sitting down minding my own business at a side stall when a family came by and join in the eating experience. there was the husband, there was the wife, the son and the baby(gender unknown), the mother in laws and the maid.

*a few minutes later*
Their order came, they starting eating and everyone started devouring their meals. Okay, maybe except for the baby. Their son was clearly strong enough to eat by his own (He looks like his 4 or 5 years old). The maid was the one that fed him. The mom didn't do any meal to meal interaction with the kid.

*I am assuming that*
She either tired from working whole day or she that trophy wife that is to stuck up to take care of the kids that the maid has to to all the work all the time.

I bet the son was crying inside screaming, " feed me mom!!! feed me!!!".

and another thing if the mom is so lazy to drag her lazy hands to feed her child,  I think the kid should be taught how to start to feed himself. I don't get it when a kid that is able to start feeding himself or herself still needs to be spoon fed. I seriously don't get it. It's the same thing also with kids still needing to go about in a  baby's stroller when clearly they do not need to?

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