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Movie reviews: the Lorax and The hunger games

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From the producer who brought you Despicable Me and from Dr.Seuss' children's book of the same name. comes a story about a boy name Ted Wiggins who lives in Thneed-ville, a walled up city that is filled with artificial products, like trees, cars etc. One day the girl of his dreams told him about her desire to see a tree. To fulfil her dreams of seeing one,Ted ventures outside of the protected walls of the town to meet Once'ler on the matter, after a suggestion from his grandma. Slowly but surely Ted discover a sad truth behind the non-existent of  trees around the neighbourhood. Thus, begins Ted's quest to correct the wrong that has been done to nature.
Overall the movie was enjoyable to watch. Fun is in the vocabulary when you watched any of Dr. Seuss creation. In this animated movie, the whimsical and the crazy are merged into one.There is something fun about bears and fishes prancing around and a bunch of characters doing a dance number with loony music to accompany the craziness.
The story for this movie is pretty straightforward.So there is nothing to shout about.
Not a stellar movie but a fun one to watch.

Movie rating: 7/10
Another movie adaption and this time from Suzanne Collins's books. The hunger games depicts America after a post apocalyptic stage after the war. In order to control the rebelliousness, two kids from each of the thirteen district is send to a battle of honor called The Hunger Games where the one  who remains as the last remaining person on the game will be declared the victor. Katnis Everdeena tribute from Sector  12 volunteered after her younger sister was called out to be one.
Overall the movie was okay. I mean I don't read the books, so my expectations were pretty low for the movie. The performance of the lead heroine in this movie, which was portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence was powerful and really left and impression on me. I was smitten by her in the movie Winter's Bone. She was the second youngest ever nominee for Best Actress in a leading role in that movie. She was no exception in this movie. I think it is safe to say that without her, they will be not Katniss in the film adaption of the book.
The movie has it fair share of sci-fi intrigue but without the patchy and sometimes cheesy storyline of some recent sci-fi box office bombed from a certain mouse company( If you get my drift there).  It was a fluid movie albeit the slow moving middle section. If you are that kind that can seat for a few hours in a cinema than it is for you, if you like a movie that which is face paced an energetic that it would be a hard movie to watch.
Sometimes when you have to do something to survive, what would you do to be on top of the game?

Movie rating: 8.0/10.0

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