Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bus woes

I am not impressed at the current transport situation in Malacca now. Even though the government decided to take over the establishment with new air conditioned buses, but the cons tops the pros.
  1. It's super clean
  2. It's air conditioned

  1. The buses are not punctual. At some cases, the waiting can vary from 10 minutes, or 30 minutes, or 1 and half hours. The longest I've waited was almost 2 hours and that was when two buses passes me at the bus stop even though I was putting myself out there for them to see for them to come to a halt for me to board on them.
  2. The bus drivers here are highly underpaid
  3. With reason number two, I think that is why Malaccan bus drivers are the worst kind of drivers so far I have witnessed.
  • Related article to support why most Malaccan bus drivers are rude and irresponsible for their passagers: We are not dumb, You are!
Riding the Malacca public is not for the faint hearted. I know I have wasted lots of precious time till I am really numb about it.  


Mme Tshiamo said...

I LOATHE MLK's PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! Clean yes, but sloooow :(

I prefer riding buses and LRTs in KL :>

sully86 said...

mme tshiamo: Well I can say there is not much difference from the public buses at KL and Melaka. They problem is that they always wait for the bus to filled up and this waste time.

Ellen Whyte said...

Too right. Driving in Malacca was the scariest thing after civilised Kuching.

sully86 said...

au and target: yup...but I just want to ask? what is so scary driving around kuching? ( i am from kuching by the way)

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