Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movie review: Ted and Frankenweenie

Ted is the first directorial debut by Seth MacFarlene, the creator of Family Guy. It is about how a boy, John Bennett, wishes they he has a best friend and wish for one under a wishing star during one fateful Christmas in 1985. He got a stuff teddy bear and got a talking walking one instead after wishing for it. Since then they became inseparable . Problems arose when John is all grown up and is in a relationship with the love of her life for four years, Lori Collins, acted by Mila Kunis. Hilarious incidents happens throughout the movie.
Overall it was a fun movie to watch. Mark Wahlberg was just perfect for the role of John Bennett, the washout man who just likes to run away from responsibility. The relationship between Ted and John is quite comical, especially when they broke into a fight
It an outright fun movie. If you like a movie for the sake of just watching and want a lighthearted fun out of it, then Ted  is your movie.

Movie Rating: 6.5/10.0

Victor Frankenstein lives with his dog and his parents in the sleepy town of New Holland. He is sort of a social outcast, focusing so much on making movies and loving science. Worried about his social life, Victor's father encourages him to take baseball. During his first time at baseball, he hit a home run. Sparky who love to play fetch ran after the ball and got hit by a car when trying to retrieve it back to Victor. Intrigued by a science lesson taught by the eccentric but wise Mr Rzykruski, Victor reanimate Sparky with the help of a lightning storm. Slowly but surely, mayhem ensues.
Tim Burton is known for his quirky and macabre sensibility when crafting his movies. Frankenweenie was no exception. Beautiful crafted and haunting at the same time.
Sadly the downfall of this movie is that it a story that has been told so many time. The science freak creates a monster just like this version except that it is a reanimated dog. The saving grace was the sweet relationship between a boy and his beloved dog and of course the beautifully crafted animation.

Movie rating: 6.0/10.0

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