Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Random movie review: Skyfall

The 23rd film in the franchise, Skyfall is directed by Sam Mendes, the Academy Award winning director  with A beautiful life. which earned him Best Director, Road to Perdition and Oliver to name a few.

The Plot.
MI6 agents James Bond and Eve assist on a mission in Turkey to recover a computer hard drive stolen from a murdered MI6 agent that contains details of almost all undercover NATO agents in terrorist organisations. Bond and Eve chase the killer, mercenary Patrice, and attempt to recover the disk. During the chase, Bond is shot in the shoulder. While fighting Patrice, Bond is accidentally shot by Eve and is later considered "missing, presumed killed".
The head of MI6, M, comes under political pressure to retire during a meeting with the Intelligence and Security Committee Chairman, Gareth Mallory. On her return from the meeting, MI6 is hacked and an explosion occurs in the offices, killing eight MI6 employees. Bond, having used his supposed death to retire, learns of the attack and returns to London. Shrapnel taken from his earlier shoulder wound helps identify Patrice, and Bond tracks the mercenary to Shanghai.

From the first few minutes of the movie where a blur silhouette of Bond slowly emerges and as he approaches apprehensively as if someone is going to shoot him, he stops to look around and not long after that, a streak of light shines across his eyes. That scene was particularly an intense opening for a movie and it was roughly like a teaser for you to expect great things ahead for the next 2 hours and 23 minutes ofscreening time. Daniel Craig never fails as the suave James Bond. As usual, he brings down the villains with ease. Throughout the movie, you can sense the easiness of Daniel Craig into his roll as 007. His smug and tough, so cool and collective. He fights and fights, for his life and also for the organization he believes in. I believe that this is the best Bond movie is because of the rich back stories presented it it and superb acting abilities from Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench. It no ordinary off the mill, James Bond. The typically cliche plot of gun shooting, casual sex escapades of Bond with his girls and the maniacal villain who wants to get total control and power by nuclear power technologies or gun rays and so on. Skyfall is the real deal, raw, visceral and full of vulnerable energy. Nevertheless Javier Bardem is also an excellent actor in this movie. So deliciously creepy.
It's classic James Bond movie that you should really watch. Its a movie for old and new fans of the franchise.

Movie rating: 9.0/10.0

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