Thursday, January 22, 2009

rabbit tales

*hie!! I'm snoochems*

*what's up doc!!!*
Hai there , I am a rabbit if you haven't notice yet. I am own by this cute and really respondsible owner named Tracy. I am really fluffy, and I have greyish blackish patch near my bum. Well but I am white all over for most part.

*my bum area* 

Anyways I started as a juvenile when I come into the hands  of Tracy. She really took care of me and I grew into this big furball of an animal. If you were wondering what I eat most of the time well I am fed with this

*yummy food* 

it's yummy and when I get bored I am fed with plum and juicy carrots as an alternative to my diet. Wow I am spoil to bits with the amount of food I get.
With this amount of food I suffer one...wait two big problem, 

*how my poo looks like* 

Firstly I poo a lot, and when I say a lot  meaning  tonnes of those roundish poo of mine will be deposited on the newpaper below the cage I stay in. I pity my owner who takes care of me, but I can't help it. Afterall a lot of people are saying that rabbits are literally a breathing and walking pooping machine . I agree like totally!!! Sorry Tracy. 
Lastly, when I am thirsty, I drink from this bottle of water that literally hangs upside down at one corner of the cage. I have to bend my neck around a little bit and suck the water out of it like a cup of water with a straw attached. This cause me to pee a lot. 

 *sigh* How troublesome, but this also I can't help it I am always thirsty*

* alot of people say my greatest assets would be my black round eyes?? Agree???

I do get the occasional stroll or hopping around the house. it feels great for the legs as I get to stretch my legs. Other then that I am friendly and courteous to everyone. I like visitors to come and visit me. Please do. I will appreciate it if you do come and visit me. Thanks for coming by my owner brother's blog to hear me out. 

Signing out *What up doc!!!*


Anonymous said...

give the rabbit a hug from me! :)

Anonymous said...

ahahha karangan ....
"aku seekor arnab" :P

sully86 said...

emmy: Ehh thanks for coming by. As a promise to you. I will try to hug it.It's nails are long scary
edmund: indeed karangan seekor arnab daripada perspektif seekor arnab

Finyx said...

my God! you even took the "poo" pic XD that's funny.. haha!

sully86 said...

finyx: yeahlor for illustration purposes mah

Anonymous said...

sully oh sully ini not edmund la swt... this is abby ahhahahaha

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