Tuesday, January 6, 2009


super duper awesome if everything is confirm. Anyone wanna tag along with me to his concert on the 4th of March 2009. Please leave a comment stating your comfirmation/or partial comfirmation to might or might not go with me to this concert.

p.s: If this goes well, this would be one of the most awesome prebirthday gift ever!!!! 


Anonymous said...

i want! but its on a wed nite?? :(:(

Anonymous said...

this is the big problem ..its on a weekday *sobs*

Alex said...

lol... you have discounted tickets?

Anonymous said...

nope. now just finding a group for Jason mraz fan to get together to watch his concert

reenz said...

i will go. by hook or by crook.wednesday night or monday night or sunday night or my wedding night (ok maybe not my wedding night..hahahahah)

garh!!! JASON MRAZ me loves!!!!!

Anonymous said...

woah!! imagine you dish kee weng on your wedding day to go see jason mraz. That would be epic though. ANyways i think there would not be a problem because its a long semester

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