Friday, January 16, 2009

when you don't have a needle and a thread

What to do when there is not even a single thread and needle around to mend a big hole in your pants?? Well just, used a few stripes of scotch/paper tape and stick it across your pants that has a hole on it. Innovative yet easy to do.


ed said...

thats old skool way of sewing..probably thats how guys think fast and easy..well dont we have girls to do the sewing for us?..:P

sully86 said...

yup ..indeed. Girls are meant to do some things and the one thing is sewing

Reenz said...

men have hands have fingers perfectly capable of sewing their clothes themselves! hmph!
the best designers in the world are men anyway. wth wth wth.

GIRLS ARE NOT MEANT TO SEW.DAMMIT. dont i sound angry. but srsly.chauvinistt!!!!!!!!!

sully86 said...

renee, I think you are over reacting with all this chauvinist stuff. Get it out of your system can or not

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