Monday, January 19, 2009

it's the people that makes the country

I was talking to my Indonesia friend on Yahoo Messenger and the conversation somehow ended with me saying this, "It's not the city/country that makes the people, but the it is the people that makes the city". I guess to put this phrase  into perspective, it's the people that shapes the places that they are in, the culture and the religion and the purpose of the city. So for me it's not about high skyscraper or cool innovative ideas or state of the art technology that one has, but it's the people that make the place of a city alive and vibrant. 
So what I like and love about my country???Well its the simple things like  the people that make the roti canai and the mamak stall in the corner of the road;where everyone comes together for a game of football at the mamak and get our blood pressure even higher when supporting our favourite team, or even different races can coexist together so harmoniously. 
So is it the city that makes the people? Or the people that makes the city/country?? for  you?

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