Monday, July 13, 2009

eating spree

Malaysia is a typical country blessed with good food. Example:
Hokkien mee and oh chien at Bunga Raya
This are you true blue Malaccans that know good food
A bowl of Long Han Koa
This was after Hokkien mee and oh chien.

The mobile shop selling the drink

Due to poor lighting, I did not take any picture of us all eating at the famous longkang eatery. It's an eating place where you will have to literally seat on low lying wooden benches while eating cockles, clams and snails, while the drain is almost next to you.Ohhh wait!! the tauh kee there is awesome!! try it.....

Our tummies are not full yet so we decided to have some shaved ice dessert .
The cg without a name still

Hrmmm that is Grace on your right, angel sitting at the middle and that is elvina behind the chopsticks .

Okay we were all literally bloated after the whole eating experience in just one night. It's so awesome to be a Malaysian citizen.

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