Sunday, July 5, 2009

Melaka Tour 2009

Melaka Tour 2009(4th July).

First stop:
Melaka Recreational Park, Ayer Keroh

Where they had one of the grossest station game ever!!
Step one: In each team of ten, seat on top of the newspapers provided.
Step 2: When seating, all you need to do is pass around a banana without using your hands. Whose ever team that drop the banana or seat outside the parameter of the newspaper when passing the banana will be asked to start all over again

E.g: Li Khai managing to grab hold of the banana without dropping it
E.g. Here is an example of a skill needed to pass the banana without dropping it and without using your hands

When the banana manages to reach at the last person in the line, the person must eat the banana before proceeding to the next round( First team who finishes five banana is the winner)

Don't break the egg game(Ok this is straightforward)

Group 1 vs Group 6(not in the picture)
From left: TK and on your right:Sam Gan

Second stop:
Noni imitating the wooden statue. Lookalike?? No ???? Yes?
Aunty Irene from Cheng Ho Museum giving us a brief account on the history of Melaka
Owhhh no!! Phillip's date got stolen by mystery rival.......(to be continued)
Hui Lee pondering....where is Mr Right....
Guess whose colorful shoes belongs to whose??

After the makan makan and visitations to museums and stuff we went to Taming Sari, which is the equivalent of a gentler version of the Selero Shot at Genting

Camwhore while waiting
Camwhoring while waiting for out turn. From left is eunice the nice gal and angeline the cool angel
The last time I face such a crowd was at a Jason Mraz concert
While waiting we saw some budak kesian . She look so sad.....everything change when......
Someone was kind enough to give her RM10
The view 1
The view 2
The view 3 and Josh.

The night ended with dinner at Malim. Reach back to Bukit Beruang at approximate time of 9.30pm.

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