Thursday, July 23, 2009

Night to get to know each other(MSK 2009)

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Malam Suai Kenal 2009
21st July 2009

practices went on and there was a UFO( Unidentify flowing object) greeting us
yi-kheng act as bully( in this picture surprisingly cute)
Kelvin seniors sketch coordinator
last minute tune-up before praise and worship begins
Jeffrey the man with his guitar

Asaph is the only one doing the McD wuhhhhhh!!

The night started off with Praise and worship session and its ivan time for ice-breaker.
owhhh that is ivan on the microphone
looking on wearily
the game commences

It's pass the message game
those punish and the punishment is they need to act out the action that is shown to them, and with this hillarious incident occur. One has to act it out and one has to guess what it is

After ice-breakers are sketches and performances by the three Christian society
Chinese Christian Fellowship doing a uv mime
After that it is time for the freshies to perform their sketch

Eric doing the MJ
Because of Aaron uncontrollable wrath he killed someone, and thus the evidence is drag away
Angel being the rich tai tai
Jonathan being glutton

Seniors sketch
Spread the love

Next was installation of new committes for each of the cf divisions
Installation for the new committee for the Catholic Student Society
Installation of the new committee for Chinese Christian Fellowship
Installation of new committee for the English Christian Fellowship

after that we proceed on to end the Cf and headed for dinner/supper which is provided

Before that I shall warn you from now on there will be excessive camera-whoring pictures.
vincent a.k.a cool guy(FBI)
Johnny Bravo and me
Noni the yeng tau(handsome) fella
The peeps from Catholic Student Society
Group picture
girls like guys who are horny-asaph-
hrmmm trying to do the monkey see monkey do thingy, which we obviously failed
The alphas- so proud of you guys

Johnny, zijian, myself job and joshua

awesome night indeed

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