Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie review

This will be the sixth installment of the boy wizard story which has captivated many around the world. This time around Harry and friends are in more great danger and more danger lurks around the life of wizard boy Harry.
Eventhough there are parts which are not really put into light which is the development and explaination of the Half Blood Prince I can safely say that the approach that David Yates took this time is really a commendable effort in his part to refine and define the franchises main theme which is good vs evil. I am glad that more effort is put into making this film into an even darker film. The effects and the cinematography of this movie is quite ridiciously rich and beautiful done and I really enjoyed the storyline- compact but not to brittle and yet not too confusing to the part that it doesn't make sense at all(E.g: Transformer 2) . But apologies has to be given to those who does not read the books. Some friends of mine who does not read the book got really puzzled at some parts of the scene. It's understandable.
As for the flow of the of movie, I can say from my point of view that it is done very well too, it was really well paced and I noticed that the lead actors, namely radcliffe, watson and grint had excell into their acting abilities. Well done!!.
I read the books and I welcome some of the changes made in this book. Eventhough there are some flaws in the movie but it quite tastefully done and the cinematography and the special effects are top notch in this one.
I came out smiling after coming out of the movie teather. This has to be the best ever Potter movie in the whole entire franchise. David Yates finally got it right after 5 Potter movies before him. Kudos.

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