Monday, July 5, 2010

sully's song playlist as of july 5th 2010

Artiste: Juannes
Song: La Camisa Negra
Song: Male Gante

Artiste: Mana
Song: Bendita Tu Luz

Artiste: Ok Go
Song: Here it goes again

Artiste: Ne-yo
Song: Mad

Artiste: Kelly Clarkson
Song: Walk Away

Artiste: Sam Sparro
Song: Black and Gold

Artiste: Adele
Song: Chasing Pavement

Artiste: Owl City
Song: Dental Care

Artiste Blue October
Song:18th Floor Balcony

this is so far the songs I am looping for today. some funny, some sad and some are mellow and some are upbeat..

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