Friday, July 9, 2010

the ice-cream incident: the million dolar question

I was heading to this bakery after having my lunch at this row of foodcourts at Gajah Berang,
I was inside the bakery, picking my choices of bread and scones and all and head to the counter for payment like any normal customer when a sudden question took me by surprise and literally speechless.

Me: Eh aunty do you still sell the ice-cream

Aunty behind the counter: Yeah we still selling. Are you eating in or are you packing?

Me: Oh ..just pack aunty.....vanilla flavour ar aunty.

Aunty behind the counter: *starts punching in numbers at the cash register* ...after it is done, she proceeds by filling the ice-cream cone with vanilla ice-cream.... 

Gets back to the counter and before she passed me the ice-cream, she proceeds with the million dollar question:

Aunty: Eh boy!!???! You not scare get fat ar eating that???

Me: *________________________________*

*continue smiling at the aunty while still not being able to give her an answer*..gets the ice-cream and plastic bag full of buns and all, hands her the cash and quickly finds exit.

laughing after exiting the bakery....still speechless......

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