Tuesday, April 26, 2011

random rants

the problem with that is at the end of the day.
is that you will still offend someone at the end of the day
people have different background growing up
different virtues and moral values that are taught when growing up
it's like saying Jiki's char keow teow is the best. some might say lorong selamat char keow teow is the best.
two different opinion just because someone grew up eating that first as oppose to the latter. What your perceive as truth for a long time might be some other truth to others.
Should I dismiss someone's opinion. No way. Should I invest on someones opinion if it is true? Of course. It adds value to your previous virtues, moral values, opinion or thinking
I think the  biggest problem is finding that middle ground to be at peace with each other. That is, the stinking problem.
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