Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zijianism and zijian

zijiansephilitis (pronounce zehh-gee-ian-sepp-fih-laeh teh-iss)- a common skin rash cause by to much eating of popiah..Other symptons including happy enducing smiles, that resembles a smiley

zijianism( pronounce zeeh-gee-ah-nehh-zuma new age teaching founded by zijian in the late 2000s. Motto of zijianism is eat well, live well. symptoms include lack of eating control, and a bloated stomach.

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Symone said...

hahahah!! this is IT!!! i think i'm infected by THIS!!!

sully86 said...

symone: wow he must have infected/influence/teached you well. LoL

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