Friday, April 15, 2011

movie review: RIO

story about a blue macaw named Blu that was smuggled to United States when he was little and his cage drop in a town in Minnesota as the truck used the carry the birds comes to a sudden halt. There, he met human owner Linda. 15 years later, a scientist from Brazil name Tulio, comes to Linda bookstore to tell her that in order to save his species, Blu has to mate with another female macaw. Reluctantly, they hop into a plane and fly to Brazil.

as usual troubles ensues 

With a simple premise, what stands out in the movie is not the story, but the infectious songs used in the movie and the amazing lively colors and the backdrop of Rio de Janeiro. Funny at most parts. Overall it's a fun movie to watch(not necessarily in 3D though). Recommended to watch. 

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