Wednesday, November 23, 2011

coffee in a plastic cup

I was eating at a Korean BBQ style eatery at a shopping mall for lunch  with my friends. There was the coffee machine at the counter and as I was trying to get a cup of coffee. I notice there was no saucer cup and I ask one of the waitress. The waitress came to me with a peculiar request if I were insistent on getting it. She said, " If you want coffee please give back the plastic cup you are drinking from right now, and we will get it for you".

Not only was it weird for me, but the thought of having a  coffee in a plastic cup is just nasty.

I would rather drink coffee from  a plastic cup ifs is ice cold coffee instead of a brewed hot one.

Isn't it weird to drink a cup of hot coffee in a plastic cup. I think it is such a waste of a good coffee like that to drink it in a plastic cup. The taste will definitely be compromise once the hot beverage reacts to the plastic that holds it. Don't you think so?

And no, I decided not to get the coffee, eventually after that startling revelation.

Hot coffee in a ceramic/saucer cup, colds ones are okay to be drank in a plastic cup..

how bout you ?


Zeba said...

I don't drink coffee. But but it's not good for health, cancerous even, to eat or drink something hot out of such feeble plastic. The reaction is not good..

sully86 said...

zeba: thanks for coming by zeba. How do you know bout this blog anyways.
I have to agree on this one on what you say about plastic, but putting that reason behind, i think its just unusual for me to drink coffee in a plastic cup. It is a no no for me.

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