Tuesday, November 8, 2011

movie review: The Adventure of Tintin-The secret of the Unicorn

Honestly I am not the biggest fan of the comics, but I do read some of them when I was a little kid.
So I was honestly excited when I saw the trailer, earlier this year, that I made a point to see this at the cinema when it comes out.
Tintin is a seriously smart and diligent at finding and solving crimes. We find Tintin in serious trouble again. It involves a sunken ship and a feud between two rival pirates. I wouldn't want to spoil the fun for you readers out there  who are reading this. 
Spielberg and Jackson did a seriously good job on the technical aspect of the movie. It was like watching a beautiful oil painting on a canvas.The colors on this movie is so stunningly vivid. Besides that, there were some nice set pieces in the movie that is a real treat to the senses. ( For example: the car chase scenes).
The pacing of the movie was just nice and constant throughout and the comic timing is right on cue and not too overdone. Importantly, the director and writers did an awesome job in bringing Tintin into the big screen. The big screen Tintin feels like the comic Tintin, fast, witty and engaging.
There is only one quip I have about the character  in the movie though. I did feel that Mr Tintin and co had too much botox at their faces that their expression felt constricted and limited. If the facial expression were given more thought , then I think we would felt even more emotions coming out of the character in the movie, I am just saying.

movie rating: 8.0/10.0

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