Saturday, November 12, 2011

don't mess with them ( in movies)

This is a list of actress with famous kick ass roles in movies.

michelle rodriguez

This actress is no stranger to tough girl roles, she started out acting and got her first major break in the movie Girlfight back in 2000.Always being typecast as the tough, rough and tomboyish characters in movies, her resume includes movies such as the Fast and Furious, S.W.A.T, Avatar, Machete, to mention a few. 

Michell Rodriguez in James Cameron's Avatar

Sigourney Weaver

Known to some as the queen of sci-fi, Sigourney Weaver is also know to some as the pioneer of female empowerment in movies that she acts in. Her notable breakout movie was none other than playing Ellen Ripley, in the Alien movies. You shouldn't be afraid of aliens my friend, you should be afraid of her.

Demi Moore

She acted in G.I Jane. It was critically panned by movie critics, but it was a memorable movie due to Demi's commitment in bringing to life the character Lieutenant Jordan O'Neil. Get this, she even shaved her hair bold and got herself immerse in an exercise regime so harsh in order to look like a real Navy officer. Despite being nominated for a Raspberry Award for Worst Actress, G.I Jane is one of Demi Moore's most memorable and kick ass movie character ever.

Angelina Jolie

She is  kick ass character. Enough said. Hehehe


Daniel Chiam said...

Oh yeah michelle rodriguez... she is hot... I really like that latina :D

Demi, all time favorite la. Until ashton fall for her!

sully86 said...

daniel: yah...michell rodriquez always gets the tough kick ass roles and always dies at the end...ahahhaahah and as for demi, remembered her for GI Jane and Ghost. Nothing spectacular about here acting except for those two movies.

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