Wednesday, November 9, 2011

no children allowed in this area

Okay to all mummies and daddies out there. Please don't bring your toddlers/babies/devil spawns in the cinema hall. 
For example, when I was at the cinema the other day watching  The adventure of Tintin and lo and behold there were a bunch of kids coming down the aisle at the side shouting, "Where are the seats, where are the seats!!!" as their parent came strutting down the aisle minutes later. Not only are they late, but they took even more time looking for their seats, they also have to make a ruckus out of it. Disturbing the peace of other patrons.
Besides that, there were the husband and wife also with their toddler kid.OMG!! their toddler was literally crying.
There is one thing also that I don't understand. Why on earth do some parents bring their kids to watch movies that are violent or not kid related. Do you notice that????
Either stay at home with your kids or asked someone to take care of your kids so that you can do whatever is there outside.
So please avoid bringing you kids/babies/devil spawns. PLEASE consider those poor souls that paid so much for a movies ticket. Please stay at home and take care of your kids or maybe bring them for a more proactive  activities such as picnic or play with them or something.
Very annoying indeed.



Movie Critics Reviews said...

Yeah really i was searching of this kind of site at last i got it and also u have mentioned about the children that nice...

sully86 said...

movie critics review: pretty annoying right???!!??

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