Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wives gets it...

BUTTERWORTH: The Obedient Wives Club is set to stir up another controversy with a member here blaming women for husbands who indulge in illegal sexual relationships.
Hajiera Hartley said women who did not fulfil the sexual needs of their husbands caused the men to look for illicit affairs.
She said a survey carried out recently by the club showed that only 10% of Malay wives understood the sexual needs of their husbands.
“Most married Malay women are busy with domestic chores and ignore the sexual needs of their husbands.
“A sexually satisfied husband can lead to a harmonious family,” she told a press conference on the club’s War Against Illicit Sex campaign at the Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd office in Lahar Yooi, near Tasek Gelugor, yesterday.
Hajiera said Islam teaches Muslim wives to offer themselves 100% to their husbands and advised women to dress attractively for their husbands.
Global Ikhwan, reportedly an off-shoot of the banned Al-Arqam movement, had set up the club to help “improve” wives.

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The never ending saga of the Muslim lady... and in this case acts as sexual beings for their husbands lust. Seriously a bunch of fanatics in my opinion.

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