Wednesday, January 18, 2012

baby throwing ritual

Place of occurance:
Harangal, Pharbhani,  West India.

Babies are dropped from the temple's balcony to ward of evil and promote good health.
Devotees at a shrine in Harangal village of Parbhani in western India's Maharashtra dangle the frightened looking baby 50 feet above the cloth sheet below
A baby screams as he is dangled, while the village men waits to catch the baby with a cloth sheet below.

Then, arms and legs splayed out, the screaming baby is dropped
The event unfolds as the baby is seen dropping from a height of 50 feet to the cloth sheet below

...Landing safely on the sheet below
The baby lands safely.

A baby cries in terror - but he's safe on the ground now
A baby cries in terror

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