Saturday, January 7, 2012

the circulatory gas

A mosquito fogging occur

and your whole house looks like this:
( and no, it wasn't the icy cold  fog that greeted me. In fact it was the eye tearing, poison filled gas that did)

and you ought to run out and get back in after the gas circulates around the house and flows out from house right????!!???

No, I didn't.

I was literally a smart ass, and went Arab for a good 10 or 15 minutes grabbing my bath towel and wrapping it around my face and looking like this,

in the bathroom..with my eyes all tearing up.

thank God I didn't seriously!!

the stupid things young people like me do, in such a dire situation such as


Jessica said...

Bad ass!

sully86 said...

jessicamae: never will i do that again!! maybe it's the sudden arrival of the fog that got me panicked and to make me do what I

Ellen Whyte said...

Bleh... and does it really help? Or just weed out the nerdy type of mosquito and leave the tough ones behind?

Target is currently not available for snoopervising as he is asleep... we mean, out on a job :-)

sully86 said...

au and target: i have a hunch the mozzies will be resistant to it in the long run, making it obsolete.

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