Thursday, January 5, 2012

wolverine vs repo man

A bunch of my friends and I had dinner, last night. There was Tron Legacy on the television as we were eating our dinner. Throughout the whole time we were there ordering out dishes and eyeing on the television, we agreed upon one thing,Tron Legacy had to many flying sequence going on that we got lost in the stories. It was pretty senseless for us.
We met Sherlock Holmes after that- at the tube of course, when we were paying up for the meal at the cach. She pointed at the Dr Watson and said, "Isn't that Hugh Jackman?". 

"No, that is Jude Law!!", I exclaimed.
"No, I am sure that is Hugh Jackman!!", she reiterate to me.
" Do you watch Australia before?", I asked.

"No..." she nodded.

"How about wolverine?" I asked calmly.

" No!! I am sure that is Hugh Jackman.They look the same,don't they? she goes.

" No,they look so different from each other", I replied.

File:Jude Law at TIFF2.jpg File:HughJackmanByPaulCush2011.jpg
jude law                             hugh jackman


Baur said...

Cool blog following :) If you thought Tron was hard to understand have you seen Inception?

sully86 said...

baur: i enjoyed watching inception a lot. Just need an extra load of concentration when watching it that's all.

Nabil Aizat Abdul Rahman said...

tron legacy tu cerita merapu je kot...adoi..bazir je gi tengok wayang..oh btw i agree with u..they dont look the same..

sully86 said...

nabs: tulah..nasib baik tgk masa dinner tu kat tv and tak tau kenapa kawan saya beria ia sangat beritau kat I Jude law tu hugh jackman..

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