Saturday, January 14, 2012

refer to the boss please!!

I noticed a certain habit/practice of a certain bookshop located at Gajah Berang. It so annoying when the cashier at the counter tells me this everytime I asked her about things. For example:

scenario 1:it was going to rain and I had to go somewhere. Had a novel on my hand and I was not carrying an umbrella that particular time. I love books so much that I didn't want  to get book wet. I head into the bookshop in need of a plastic bag to used to protect in from the rain. I asked for one and she told me in her seriously annoying blank face, " I cannot give you, my boss said so".

I said, " Well is not Saturday right? (referring to no plastic day on Saturday)

"Sorry I cannot give you"

I walked off saying, " Okay, now that's stupid".

scenario 2:

As I am about to pay at the counter

Another lady at the cashier counter told me, " Can you wait for a moment, my boss is not here"

What I would say is that is a very dumb. I think the boss should just handle the bookshop by himself/herself?..and I just need one plastic bag.So ridiculous!!!

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